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#21 in Music Games (iPhone) on Aug 18, 2017
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#183 in Family Games (iPhone) on Apr 27, 2017
#164 in Family Games (iPad) on Oct 4, 2017

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Fun and quality time for your little ones. No winning or losing just giggles.

I am a father myself. One of those days when my baby boy started to cry out in car, my wife gave him her phone to calm my boy. Mission was half successful because my boy was trying to open weird apps and pushing ads every second or so.

So I knew what must be done.

Here it is perfect game for 4 minus childs. No fight, no cruel jokes, no losing. In this app your child will press falling cute spheres and they will giggle. Very soothing children songs are background music. They are pure piano pieces (ok I played them with computer but they are still sound like piano)

This will be one of your best parenting tools when situation is dire!

No advertisements, no in-app purchases. Pay once and play until eternity.

Did I mention that game never ends?

Best regards. Thx for your support!
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