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Pavilion: Touch Edition

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#8 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Mar 19, 2017
#6 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on Mar 23, 2017
#47 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Mar 19, 2017
#35 in Kids Games (iPad) on Mar 19, 2017
#14 in Adventure Games (iPhone) on Mar 20, 2017
#15 in Adventure Games (iPad) on Mar 23, 2017
#35 in Top Games (iPhone) on Mar 19, 2017
#31 in Top Games (iPad) on Mar 19, 2017
#47 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Mar 19, 2017
#35 in Top Apps (iPad) on Mar 19, 2017

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Pavilion: Touch Edition Screenshot
Designed exclusively for 64-bit devices requiring at least iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPod Touch 6th Generation.

“An indie gaming masterclass in how to do things differently. You really, really need to play this one.”
9/10 – Pocket Gamer

"Pavilion is definitely a testament to what mobile games are capable of."
9/10 - AppAdvice

“It will make your eyes wish they never had to look at anything else, ever, again.”

Pavilion, the multiple award winning & IMGA nominated game from Visiontrick Media. Dubbed as a fourth-person puzzling adventure, Pavilion throws you directly into its mysterious and atmospheric world without any tutorials or beginning explanations.

- Guide the mysterious main character through a surreal dream-like place where reality clash with fantasy.

- Interact with the environment - sounds, lights, physical objects - through intuitive touch controls.

- A puzzle game portrayed through exploration and audio-visual imagery fully realized in beautiful hand-crafted 2D artwork and an otherworldly soundscape.

- Dreamy ambient tunes from space-music pioneer Tony Gerber brings a great contemplative mood to the experience of Pavilion.

- A game in two chapters; Chapter 1 out now. Chapter 2 out in 2017.

GRAND PRIX - Busan Indie Connect 2015
BEST ART - BIG Fest 2016
Best Design - AZPlay 2015
Official Selection - IndieCade 2015
Finalist - Nordic Game Indie Night 2015
Nominee - International Mobile Gaming Awards 2017
Best Game Nominee - BIG Fest
Indie Prize Nominee - Tokyo Game Show 2015
Best Playability Nominee - AZPlay 2015
Best Sound Nominee - AZPlay 2015
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