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#3 in Simulation Games (iPhone) on May 21, 2016
#62 in Simulation Games (iPad) on May 24, 2016
#9 in Kids Games (iPhone) on May 4, 2016
#1 in Family Games (iPhone) on May 4, 2016
#28 in Family Games (iPad) on May 24, 2016
#7 in Top Games (iPhone) on May 4, 2016
#200 in Top Games (iPad) on May 24, 2016
#9 in Top Apps (iPhone) on May 4, 2016

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* Thank you to our fans for the support, loads of new and exciting content for Growing Pug is on the way! *

Growing Pug lets you have a Pug living in your phone, and it's fun, addictive and easy to play. Experience the joy of watching and helping your Pug grow from a tiny little pug puppy into a big, active Pug! You can also get more Pugs - the more Pugs, the merrier!

There are different clothes, beds and foods and other goodies that you can give your Pug, fun tricks to do, your own room to design, toys to play with, and lots of different walks and adventures that you can take your Pug on!

- Your Pugs grow and live in your phone, even while you're away
- Pugs are smart - they beg for food, seek attention when they're sad, play with other Pugs, and go to sleep on their own
- Play fetch with your Pug with new, fun toys
- Inspired by not just one, but TWO real pugs
- Redesign and remodel your Pug's room however you want
- Continuously updated and supported with new content. Growing Pug keeps getting better and better!
- Do tricks with your pug
- Lots of fancy clothes, comfy beds and yummy foods to give your Pug, each with their own special bonuses
- Give your Pug a refreshing bath
- Realistic pug whining, pooping and snoring behaviors
- Made with 100% real pug sounds
- Hand drawn and animated graphics
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