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#14 in Dice Games (iPhone) on Jul 8, 2017

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Hero Roll is a Hero System 6e dice rolling app to quickly get normal damage, killing damage and quick OCV and DCV calculations. You may roll up to 999999 Attack Dice, everything is displayed in case you want to count it yourself or if there are any questions as to why you rolled what you rolled. Stun Multipliers may be factored in easily and roll modifiers like +1 and -1 and half dice are also available. The Hit Location tab allows a quick and easy reference for rolling targeted attacks.

This app is a labor of love for me, I really enjoy the Hero System and have always wanted a dice roller that worked the way I wanted it to. Making one as simple as possible while keeping most of the modifiers and complexities that make the Hero System so versatile.

This app uses the 6th Edition Rules. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me with the link inside the app! If you find an error also please let me know! This app is unaffiliated with the Hero System books.
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