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#22 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Feb 15, 2017
#12 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on Jan 27, 2017
#119 in Kids Games (iPad) on Jan 27, 2017
#10 in Board Games (iPhone) on Feb 16, 2017
#5 in Board Games (iPad) on Feb 15, 2017
#149 in Top Games (iPhone) on Feb 15, 2017
#68 in Top Games (iPad) on Jan 27, 2017
#119 in Top Apps (iPad) on Jan 27, 2017

Today's Chart Rankings*
#49 in Board Games (iPhone)
#51 in Board Games (iPad)
#87 in Puzzle Games (iPad)
#115 in Puzzle Games (iPhone)

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The official adaptation of Potion Explosion, the award-winning puzzle board game.
Play this game solo or against players from all over the world with Solo, Online and Local Pass & Play modes!

In Potion Explosion, you will explode ingredients, trigger chain reactions and gather it all in your caldron. You will then use your hard-earned unicorn tears, fairy dandruff and other magical ingredients to craft powerful mixtures with wacky effects! May the best wizard win!

At the beginning of the game, each player is given potions to complete with specific effects and ingredients. You will have to select ingredients in the dispenser; once your selected ingredient is removed, the ingredients above will slide down. If two ingredients of the same nature collide, they explode and you get them too! You can then use your ingredients to cook up your potions. You only have a limited tank space to store remaining ingredients from one turn to another, so choose carefully! Once a potion is completed, you score points, get to use its powerful effect and pick another potion to craft. The wizard with the most points wins!

Play against up to 3 adjustable AIs to sharpen your potion crafting skills!

Play against wizards from all over the world online and get to the top of the worldwide leaderboard!

To sum up, the game features include:
• The magical universe of the board game, fleshed out and digitally enhanced
• A tactical gameplay, allowing for different playstyles and strategies
• A Solo mode against up to 3 adjustable AIs
• An online Multiplayer Mode with a worldwide leaderboard

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You Tube:

Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

*IMPORTANT* Potion Explosion requires an iPhone 5 (or newer), iPad 4th Generation (or newer), iPad Mini 2 (or newer), or iPod Touch 6th Generation (or newer)
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