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#1 in Word Games (iPhone) on Nov 25, 2016
#1 in Trivia Games (iPhone) on Mar 5, 2017
#5 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Dec 2, 2016
#4 in Top Games (iPhone) on Dec 2, 2016
#5 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Dec 2, 2016

Today's Chart Rankings*
#106 in Trivia Games (iPhone)
#140 in Word Games (iPhone)

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Shoutrageous is the fast-paced trivia game in which you need to know a thing or two about everything from celebrities to sports, to relationships... to what’s in the fridge! The challenge? Shout out the ten answers listed for each topic before the clock runs out – the more brains in the game, the better!

Play Shoutrageous at parties, family get-togethers, or just hanging out with friends!

-Three bonus categories included with app purchase
-Play with one friend or with a large group
-Fun and hilarious categories
-Lucky answers worth double the points
-Listen to the audio of a round to settle disputes or just for amusement
-Bonus reverse mode round mixes things up
-Enjoy the many outrageously entertaining topics!

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