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#55 in Sports (iPhone) on Dec 2, 2017

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Arrow Tracer is an archery score card tracking application for the iPhone. It has a simple clean interface, allowing easy round creation and score input.

• Score card colour – Arrow Tracer highlights score cards by the average score colour of your round, personal bests are displayed in purple. This gives you a quick overview of how you have scored compared to previous rounds.

• Round Library – Arrow Tracer’s online round library provides a quick way of adding rounds to your application. The Library will continue to evolve over time with more rounds from more organisations being added.

• Custom Rounds – If the round you want to shoot is not in Arrow Tracers Library you can create a custom round to shoot.

• Multiple Bow Tracking – Arrow Tracer allows you to track multiple bows of different types. If you change equipment on your bow create a new bow in Arrow Tracer to see how your change effects your results thus allows you to make informed choices on your equipment.

• Personal bests – Arrow Tracer tracks personal bests for bows and rounds.

• Location Tracking - Arrow Tracer tracks where your score cards are shot. You can displays this information on a map for reference.

• Share you Score Cards - Export Score cards via Email, Twitter and PDF.
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