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MyCompareBB is a native version of the popular site You can compare 2 My Player builds side by side. You first start with the position. Once you have selected a position you will then choose from the list of possible archetypes for that position. Once you have selected the position and the archetype you can then choose from the different available heights. All of the default values will then display for the select potential build. You can compare up to 2 different builds at a time. The app also has a list of all of the available badges. You can sort from archetype badges, park badges, and all available bronze badges.
*All information is subject to change and can not be 100% verified. I will be continuing to monitor the site and all of its stats. I will try to keep the content up to date and as correct as I can make it.
*We are not affiliated with NBA2k17. We are simple a community tool written and created by loyal fans.
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