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#4 in Trivia Games (iPhone) on Mar 28, 2017
#5 in Trivia Games (iPad) on Feb 25, 2017
#17 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Dec 12, 2016
#42 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on Feb 25, 2017
#143 in Top Games (iPhone) on Mar 28, 2017

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#7 in Trivia Games (iPhone)
#7 in Trivia Games (iPad)
#48 in Puzzle Games (iPhone)
#83 in Puzzle Games (iPad)

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Get ready to take the addictive quiz and find out if you are a GENIUS or not, and enjoy the brand new Christmas theme with snowflakes, gifts and new soundtrack!

Tricky Test 2 Pro: Genius Brain is a whole new free puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and absurd solutions that you will never ever think of - the goal of this trivia game is not to be tricked; each of the brain teasers is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. If you have 140 IQ points remaining after finishing this quiz, you will be pronounced a genius! Be careful, your Facebook friends may pop out anytime during the IQ quiz and tease at you!

- "101 Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers″ - new questions added regularly!
- "Find Out if You’re a Genius″ - An IQ test that includes memory, logic and most absurd teasers!
- "Test Your Friends Mode" - select hardest questions to test your friends’ IQ!
- "Fun for All Ages" - best trivia game for family & friends’ gatherings!
- "Tap, Shake or Kiss your Phone?″ - Nothing’s impossible, brain it on!

Pro version includes:
● 1,000 Free Coins
● All Clues & Solutions Available
● No Ads

"The most obvious answer is usually wrong. Think outside the box!"
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