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#7 in Role Playing Games (iPhone) on Feb 18, 2017
#39 in Role Playing Games (iPad) on Jun 23, 2017
#160 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Feb 18, 2017
#23 in Adventure Games (iPhone) on Feb 18, 2017
#88 in Adventure Games (iPad) on Feb 18, 2017
#79 in Top Games (iPhone) on Feb 18, 2017
#160 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Feb 18, 2017

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The classic roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade returns to digital games with a Prelude of things to come. Experience a brand new interactive fiction, written and illustrated by award- winning author Zak Sabbath and Sarah Horrocks.

Told entirely from a mobile messaging perspective, the story is a sharp, mature and often terrifying submersion into your first nights as unwilling predator and prey. Hunted by unknown enemies and driven by an alien hunger, will you sever your ties with the mortal world or try to cling to your former life? Will you join ancient conspiracies, or turn the tables on forces older than the written word? Terrible power lies within your grasp, but there is always a price to pay.

Don’t forget to check out Mage: Refuge, also by White Wolf and written by critically-acclaimed author Karin Tidbeck.

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