Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Fetal Heart Beat Doppler Chart

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Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Fetal Heart Beat Doppler Screenshot
#1 Ranked Baby Heart Beat Monitor & Fetal Doppler
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Baby Heartbeat Prenatal Listener is an app that allows mothers and fathers all over the world to hear and record their baby’s heartbeat in the comforts of their own home and share the joy with their loved ones. There are no additional accessories needed – simply remove the cover from your device and attach the microphone to the lower abdomen area to get the best results. All of your recordings are stored safely in the app and you can revisit and share them anytime you want.
Baby Heartbeat Pulse Listener also brings you an extensive guide to walk you through your pregnancy week by week with information about the baby’s growth, changes going on inside the baby‘s body as well as the changes happening to you – all with wonderful graphics and an intuitive design.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a substitute for care from a medical professional. Contact a licensed physician for your prenatal care.
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