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Drumfigurator is an all-in-one, brand-inclusive drumkit designer or configurator tool. Design your drumkit and cymbal setup all in one app, on your mobile device. Then, share your configuration via text or email and the recipient can open your build on their device. BUILD and SHARE!

- Are you a working drummer and need to communicate with a drum tech, backline, or venue about your equipment?

- Do you plan to add to your existing setup and want to send ideas to a drum shop or friend for feedback?

- Is your practice space small and you need a sketchpad to think about how to arrange your equipment?

- Do you play for a worship venue and need to communicate with the leader or other drummers in your rotation schedule about your gear?


•ADD an item (drum, cymbal, or piece of hardware) to the canvas.
•ZOOM in and out on the canvas to see details.
•ROTATE an item using familiar, two-finger rotation.
•ITEM DETAILS are edited with a tap + hold gesture on drums and cymbals to:
-Delete that single item
-Add or edit an item label
-Adjust the diameter of the item (drums and cymbals only)
•DELETE ALL with a tap on the trash can icon to delete everything on the canvas and start over

•Save an image of your build to your device camera roll.
•Send your setup via text message (includes a .JPEG of your build as well)
•Send you setup via email (includes a .JPEG of your build as well)
•SOCIAL MEDIA sharing: coming soon!

OPEN a build when received via
-Tap the .drumkit file
-Tap the share icon in bottom left
-Swipe left to Copy to Drumfigurator
-Drumfigurator will launch and open the received build
•Text message:
-Tap the “ i “ in top right of message screen
-Toggle “Attachments” (next to “Images”, in middle of screen)
-Tap the .drumkit file you would like to open
-Tap the share icon in bottom left
-Swipe left to open with “Copy to Drumfigurator”
-Drumfigurator will launch and open the received build



The launch version of the app is just the beginning. Here are just a few of the features to be added in the coming updates:

•REAL product images
•Diameter AND depth for drums
•Accessories like electronic percussion pads
•PERCUSSION instruments (congas, cajons, timbales, bongos, etc.)
•Social Media sharing
•Save multiple configurations
•Artist templates

If you downloaded the app we sincerely thank you. The team at Drumfigurator is on a mission to create usable software that solves real problems in the worldwide drumfam. We want to improve how drummers communicate about gear with each other and those with whom we play music. Good things are ahead!

If you have encouragement about opportunities for improvement (read: constructive feedback) we WANT to hear from you. Please send a note to
feedback [@] drumfigurator [.] com.

Much love and happy drumming,

Designer, Drumfigurator
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