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Dose Chex is designed to simplify the calculations required when administering drugs and fluids. Rather than performing drug calculations manually, Dose Chex performs them for you. It is fast and reliable, and won’t be affected by working a long shift!

Data entry is kept the a minimum so there is no excuse for failing to double-check drug doses before administering them.

The app can be configured to suit the needs of your working environment. The concentrations in the suspensions and critical care sections can edited and concentrations stored for future use. The default units for each data item can be set to match you needs.

Why is Dose Chex required? Errors in the administration of medications are commonplace and can result in significant harm to patients. The 2009 NPSA report ‘Safety in Doses’ identified 72,482 medication incident reports in one year. Of these 100 had resulted in death or severe harm. In addition, such errors can have a significant effect on the person administering the medication

In acute care settings there can be many distractions, making it difficult to concentrate on the often complex calculations required when administering medicines. Removing as many potential points of human error helps make the process safer.
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