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#14 in Music Games (iPhone) on Dec 7, 2017

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Vochord is a music game played by interacting with falling notes to the rhythm.

●Classic tunes along with rearranged EDM versions
"Besides classic songs of Xuan-Yuan Sword like ""Drunk for a Thousand Year"",""Blue Sky Journey"",and ""Realm of Asura"",Vochord also includes the brand new rearranged EDM versions for each song.
Same song with different tastes....ready to bring new sensations to everyone."

●Multiple levels
"At least three levels from easy,normal to hard for each song.
Challenge yourself with different levels!"

●New designed CGs
New designed graphics and animations for each song that brings you more into the story.

Jukebox is an ingame music player.Listen to your purchased songs anytime without entering levels!

Buy your favorite songs,frame,avatars and more!

●Weekly contest
Enter our weekly contest and get your prize.Challenge the greatest players from all over the world!

Make yourself in the top 3s and awarded with unique personal certificates and great rewards.
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