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My Cleaner Contacts Backup Pro allows you to retrieve, export data from contacts and send it to yourself as a vCards file (vcf) or spreadsheet (csv) attachment via email.
You can restore your contacts anytime by just tap the vCard file in the email.

All contacts can then easily be restored any time by simply opening the .vcf file in your mailbox.


* Backup Contacts as VCF (VCard) or Export Contacts as CSV (Excel) file
* Offline Backup. No need to sync to any server. Just email the backup file to yourself.
* Easy restore. No need to use any app to restore backup file. Just tap on the *.vcf backup file in the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mail client.
* Easily transfer contacts between Mobile Devices using just an email client.
* View your current contacts
* In app edit, remove contact
* Export your contacts in the form of multiple vCard files.
* No ads.
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