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#18 in Utilities (iPhone) on Oct 27, 2017

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Memeoji is the best emoji app on the app store.

A collection of the best memes now sendable as emojis.

Drag and drop stickers into messages, paste onto pictures, paste onto text messages, or just tap and send as an emoji.

Or use Memeoji as a fully functioning keyboard! Copy and paste your selected emoji into your text Field

How to Install:
Picture Instructions are in the app!

How to Install Stickers:
1. After downloading go into a text conversation
2. Click inside the text field
3. Click the arrow
4. Click the "A" for applications
5. Click on Memeoji
6. Use Memeoji
7. If you can't see Memeoji in your applications, go to step 8
8. Click on the store
9. Click the manage tab
10. Click Memeoji to on

How to Install Keyboard:
1. Go to Your iPhone Settings
2. Click General
3. Click Keyboard
4. Click Keyboards
5. Click Add New Keyboard
6. Click Memeoji
7. Click on Memeoji now on the keyboards list
8. Click Allow Full Access (We do not collect any typing information)
9. Now in your messages, you are able to switch to the Memeoji Keyboard by tapping or holding down on the glowbell

See our website if you're having difficulty installing or finding the app.
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