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#42 in Sports (iPhone) on Dec 7, 2017
#28 in Sports (iPad) on Dec 10, 2017

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#74 in Sports (iPad)

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Various statistics!
Easy input while bowling. Analyze it at any time!

[Data Type]
- Date-time for event
- Event name (Practice, League, etc.)
- Place
- Notes
- Handicap
- Tag (for grouping and marking)
- The score and state of the pins for each frame
- Bowling ball, spare ball
- Position and Spot

- Transition graph (line graph)
- Distribution graph (bar graph)
- Percentage for each pins' down states, statistics of remaining pin patterns
- Achievement (Total games, High Game, 200up, Split Convert etc...)

- Event list sorted by date
- Search and filtering
- Input history (No need to type every time.)
- Save and share score sheet image

[New Features]
- Multiple Bowler Management
- iCloud supported

[Point to be noted]
- The old data will be converted to new data at the first launch
- Data is the same as Viewer Edition. It can be used as it is.
- Emoticons cannot be used
- Strike rate is calculated with denominator 10
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