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mTip is a nice and easy but fully-featured tip calculator and smart bill splitter.

Splitting evenly the bill between several persons is sometimes just not enough. When someone takes an expensive drink and another skips a delicious but expensive dessert, you need more than just an even split. mTip provides a simple and attractive answer to make everybody happy without the need to ask for separate checks.

- Smart splitting between guests.
- Gets the job done with a minimum of interaction.
- Three predefined and configurable levels of tips.
- Change the grand total, and the tip is recalculated.
- Change the guests' total, and the tip is recalculated.
- One touch to round up or down any value, including guests' total.
- One touch to quickly increment or decrement on any value.
- Smart keyboard changing on the fly the keys visibility to show only keys you need.
- The tip is calculated before tax,
- International currency support.
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