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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Chart

Best Chart Rankings*
#17 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Dec 14, 2013
#16 in Kids Games (iPad) on Jan 14, 2015
#4 in Arcade Games (iPhone) on Jun 25, 2017
#2 in Arcade Games (iPad) on Sep 28, 2017
#6 in Action Games (iPhone) on Dec 14, 2013
#5 in Action Games (iPad) on Jan 13, 2015
#10 in Top Games (iPhone) on Dec 14, 2013
#14 in Top Games (iPad) on Jan 14, 2015
#17 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Dec 14, 2013
#16 in Top Apps (iPad) on Jan 14, 2015

Today's Chart Rankings*
#3 in Arcade Games (iPad)
#10 in Arcade Games (iPhone)
#10 in Action Games (iPad)
#22 in Action Games (iPhone)
#49 in Top Games (iPad)
#57 in Top Games (iPhone)
#94 in Kids Games (iPad)
#94 in Top Apps (iPad)
#129 in Kids Games (iPhone)
#129 in Top Apps (iPhone)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Screenshot
One of the greatest adventures of all time re-mastered for mobile devices!

Speed back in time and discover the game that first united Sonic the Hedgehog with his amazing flying sidekick Miles “Tails” Prower. Run through high speed levels packed with enemies and hazards as you zoom along loop de loops in your mission to destroy the devious Dr. Eggman. This definitive version has been fully built from the ground up for mobile devices, featuring re-mastered graphics and audio, and all new game content.

Race as Sonic and Tails through high speed environments such as Casino Night and Chemical Plant. Destroy Dr. Eggman in epic boss battles or aim for the high score in Sonic 2’s iconic half pipe Special Stage.

An all new ‘Boss Attack mode’ challenges the player to defeat all of the game’s devious bosses in one run. Additionally choose to play the game as Knuckles in addition to Sonic and Tails.

For the first time ever explore the mysterious Hidden Palace Zone.  These lost levels feature undiscovered enemies, new hazards and a climatic showdown with Dr. Eggman.

Rebuilt from the ground up for mobile, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 offers upgraded graphics, including widescreen display and a smooth 60fps frame rate, plus a re-mastered soundtrack.

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