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Moving Space: The Laban Scales Screenshot
* FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME * An interactive, 3D compendium of the Laban Movement Scales. For teachers, students, and newcomers to the Space Harmony work of Rudolf Laban finally, a way to visualize the movement scales in 3D, fully animated inside their crystalline forms.

Perfect as a demonstration or study aid. See it in action:

- Complete reference to the scales: Dimensional, Defense, Diagonal, Axis & Girdle Scales, etc.
- Manually control running of the scale or tap to auto-run
- Show/hide scrolling Motif symbols representing each scale point
- Rotate and zoom via multi-touch
- Speed control
- Show/hide the scale's crystalline solid
- Shake or two-finger double-tap to re-orient display
- Full support for portrait or landscape view
- For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Rudolf Laban artist, scientist, humanitarian, philosopher, mystic spent his lifetime developing a framework for understanding human movement in all its variation and complexity. He and his followers pioneered what has become Laban Analysis, the single most comprehensive system in existence for describing, understanding, and recording human movement.

The system consists of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF), Labanotation, and Motif Writing.

Within Laban Movement Analysis, the Space Harmony scales provide a foundation for full-bodied, connected movement in any direction in space. Each scale is a particular pathway around the body, touching points in space in a particular order. Much like musical scales, they serve as prototypes for all movement and can help practitioners cultivate greater strength, range, and agility. For further guidance in using the scales, seek out a certified LMA practitioner in your area, and wake up your moving self!

More info on Laban Analysis:
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