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Find inspiration anywhere, at any time, with Hazelden Publishing’s A Day at a Time app featuring all 366 daily meditations from the best-selling meditation book for people in recovery from addiction. At the touch of a fingertip, A Day at a Time becomes your companion, offering inspiration, comfort, and hope wherever you are.

What Users Are Saying:
“I love having the meditations handy on my phone so I always have them when I need them!”

“A Day at a Time is a great daily that focuses on God for improving my daily walk. Thank you!”

“What a fantastic resource for anyone’s spiritual development. Bring it with you wherever you go for a spiritual pickup anytime.”

“Love this app! Read it daily to continue my life of sobriety. Recommend it to everyone, even those that are not drug-dependent.”

PRESS the “Today” button to access today’s message.
SWIPE forward or back to easily access more daily messages.
SHARE the daily messages with friends through an automated sync to your e-mail or text.
BOOKMARK your favorite meditations (press the star in upper right-hand corner) and easily return to them (press the star in the bottom toolbar).
SEARCH all 366 daily messages by keyword.
RECEIVE a notification every day to remind you to read the daily message.
JUMP to a specific meditation using the calendar button.
SHAKE your device to bring up a random message of inspiration and support.
CUSTOMIZE the size of the font presented for reading ease.
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