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Best Chart Rankings*
#1 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Jan 16, 2018
#1 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on Jul 20, 2014
#1 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Jun 7, 2014
#2 in Kids Games (iPad) on May 29, 2014
#1 in Family Games (iPhone) on Dec 21, 2017
#1 in Family Games (iPad) on Jul 22, 2014
#1 in Top Games (iPhone) on Jun 7, 2014
#2 in Top Games (iPad) on Jul 18, 2014
#1 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Jun 7, 2014
#2 in Top Apps (iPad) on Jul 16, 2014

Today's Chart Rankings*
#14 in Family Games (iPhone)
#20 in Family Games (iPad)
#21 in Puzzle Games (iPad)
#23 in Puzzle Games (iPhone)
#142 in Top Games (iPad)
#147 in Top Games (iPhone)

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Blek is a unique game about imagination and personality. Everything you draw keeps moving – and watching your creations move is like watching magic.

The goal is simple: shape a line that collects all colored circles avoiding black holes on its route. There are no specific moves that you need to master. To every level countless solutions exist, from delightfully simple to exceptionally deep and complex, yet always elegant.

- Articles & Commentaries -

"... one of the year’s best" ~ The New York Times

"The Most Brilliant iPad Game I've Played All Year." ~ Kotaku

"One of the greatest joys of Blek is experimenting with your approach." ~ WIRED

"It’s the sort of game you’d want to put on a space probe: when the aliens play it, they’ll take a liking to us right away." ~ The New Yorker

"Wonderful experience" ~ Pocket Gamer

"Blek is a thing of elegant, intuitive beauty" ~ Edge

- Awards -

• Apple Design Award
• Best Mobile Game - Casual Connect Europe, Amsterdam
• Excellence in Innovation - International Mobile Gaming Awards
• Best Game - Content Award Vienna
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