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#2 in Word Games (iPhone) on Mar 14, 2017
#3 in Word Games (iPad) on Mar 15, 2017
#3 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Mar 12, 2017
#5 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on Mar 12, 2017
#29 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Mar 12, 2017
#40 in Kids Games (iPad) on Mar 12, 2017
#21 in Top Games (iPhone) on Mar 11, 2017
#33 in Top Games (iPad) on Mar 12, 2017
#29 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Mar 12, 2017
#40 in Top Apps (iPad) on Mar 12, 2017

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#12 in Word Games (iPhone)
#71 in Word Games (iPad)
#127 in Puzzle Games (iPhone)

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Interact with your iPhone or iPad in ways that you never thought possible! Get ready to be puzzled and amazed as you prod, shake, and dance your way through 100 playful puzzles!

Winner of the IndiePlus Award 2015
Nominated for the Independent Games Festival 2015
Winner of People’s prize at IGN’s The Mix 2015

"Progress is the smartest use of an iPhone I’ve seen in a long while" - Dan Crawley, VentureBeat

"Progress to 100 is more than just a puzzle - it's a cleverly unique experience that will engage all aspects of your device as you figure out what you have to do to move on ... They're quite simple, silly, and yet so much fun" - Craig Grannel, TechRadar

“It's the sort of brilliant party piece, where you just want to show it to someone who hasn't played it before, and watch the cogs turn in their head, and see their eyes light up when they try out their silly solutions. It's an ingenious game” - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

Progress is 100 playful and puzzling moments in the life of your iPhone or iPad. Follow the playful and puzzling clues - use creative movements, sounds, and touch to find solutions.

The abstract puzzles will require your most creative thinking to move on. You will be shaking, prodding, shouting, dancing, and more. Progress will challenge all your expectations.

Solve the most difficult clues together. It’s just hilarious to look at each other acting silly and crazy while playing the game.

The best experience is to show the game to a group of friends and see them struggle while you stand smiling, knowing all the solutions.

Visuals and interactions are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, true to Scandinavian design.

The beautifully handcrafted sounds and music will tickle your curiosity and guide you through the puzzles. Progress will take you for a stroll on the beach, diving underwater, and even rocking out at a concert.

Progress is developed by Tim Garbos from Copenhagen Game Collective, Joel Nyström from Swedish games studio Ludosity and Martin Kvale from Norwegian games studio Krillbite.

Progress is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases. The game is not that long, but it's very unique and if you look closely you can find some extra secret levels here and there.
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