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#22 in Music Games (iPhone) on Jan 12, 2017
#17 in Music Games (iPad) on Jun 4, 2015
#108 in Educational Games (iPhone) on Jan 12, 2017
#123 in Educational Games (iPad) on Jun 4, 2015

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#174 in Music Games (iPad)

Preschool Bedtime - A Goodnight Musical Screenshot
Got the urge to sing before bed!? Take your child on a musical adventure where you can count sheep, learn star constellations and sing lullabies! Preschool Bedtime is a lullaby music box filled with learning games and fun sing-alongs, how many sheep can you count?

With exclusive music and lullabies, Preschool Bedtime is a toddler playground!
- Play along with professionally recorded songs and lullabies exclusive to Preschool Bedtime
- Learn star constellations, count sheep and play your own music
- The menus and controls are extremely easy and straightforward for even the smallest of hands

Featuring Three Musical Activities:
• Count Sheep
- How many sheep are there? Watch out!! Can you find the hidden wolf?
- There are all sorts of hidden sheep just waiting to be found
- Professionally recorded soundtrack for the scene, featuring "baa baa black sheep" and an original score, "Counting Sheep"

• Stars
- Learn the constellations in the night sky
- Secret animations to uncover, can you find the Big Dipper?
- Learn the names of the zodiac and the brightest stars in the sky

• Music Jam
- Play music with Sam, featuring six lullabies
- Click on the birds, stars and fireflies to play along, everything is musical
- Its a playground of music, tap around and explore, its fun for all ages

What's the perfect age? Designed for ages 2-6, but can be enjoyed by anyone young at heart with an eagerness to sing, learn and play!

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