AppFlip from TopAppCharts

From the makers of TopAppCharts (and a whole bunch of apps.)

AppFlip is a app for your iPhone or iPod touch that uses the statistics gathered by TopAppCharts to display App Store details in a fun and visual manner.


Apps flip past using cool flipping animations. Simply tap any you are interested in to see the details. And if it looks good, tap the Get It button to go directly to that app in the App Store. And if there are none on the page you want to try, simply shake to flip in a whole new set of apps.

Slide the spinner on the bottom to view different categories:

  • Current #1 Apps
  • Featured = Currently shows the top 4 in all categories, plus apps from ourselves and our friends.
  • New Apps = Apps that have appeared in the charts in the past day or two.
  • Climbing in the Charts = Apps going up.
  • Dropping in the Charts = Apps going down.
  • Where Are They Now? = Apps that made it to the top of the charts, but have now dropped out of the top 100, or dropped entirely off the charts.

AppFlip in the App Store

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