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    Nexomon Chart

    Number 2 in Role Playing Games (No Change)
    Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon! Assemble the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero ...
     $2.99  $1.99 Save $1!Details ›

  2. 2.
    TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder Chart
    TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder
    TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

    Number 5 in Business (+1 today)
    TapeACall lets you record your iPhone's incoming and outgoing phone calls. Includes one year of unlimited recording. TapeACall, a #1 business app in The United States, Argentina, ...
     $19.99  $13.99 Save $6!Details ›

  3. 3.
    Splendor™ Chart

    Number 12 in Board Games (+4 today)
    ** ONLINE MULTIPLAYER NOW AVAILABLE !!! ** The OFFICIAL digital adaptation of the best-selling board game Splendor. In Splendor, you embody a rich merchant during the Renaissance....
     $5.99  $4.99 Save $1!Details ›

  4. 4.
    Waterlogue Chart

    Number 16 in Photo & Video (+20 today)
    See the World Like an Artist • Picked by Apple for inclusion in the App Store Best of 2014! You don’t need to paint to create beautiful watercolor images—Waterlogue captur...
     $4.99  $3.99 Save $1!Details ›

  5. 5.
    Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny - A Hidden Object Mystery (Full) Chart
    Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny - A Hidden Object Mystery (Full)
    Grim Tales: Threads of Destiny - A Hidden Object Mystery (Full)

    Number 17 in Puzzle Games (+284 today)
    Unlock the complete adventure with a single purchase! No in-app purchases! Shortly after narrowly avoiding death aboard a plane that crashed just after takeoff, Alexander and Nata...
     $6.99  $1.99 Save $5!Details ›

  6. 6.
    Beautiful Planet HD: Our World Chart
    Beautiful Planet HD: Our World
    Beautiful Planet HD: Our World

    Number 23 in Travel (-6 today)
    Beautiful Planet includes 700 map-integrated images spanning seven continents and 170 countries, each with Peter's vivid description capturing the moment. * Featured on ...
     $4.99  $3.99 Save $1!Details ›

  7. 7.
    iPoe Vol. 1 - Edgar Allan Poe Chart
    iPoe Vol. 1 - Edgar Allan Poe
    iPoe Vol. 1 - Edgar Allan Poe

    Number 25 in Books (-42 today)
    iClassics: Beyond Engrossing iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone. Through cutting-edge technology and sophisticat...
     $2.99  $0.99 Save $2!Details ›

  8. 8.
    FunBridge Quiz Chart
    FunBridge Quiz
    FunBridge Quiz

    Number 26 in Card Games (-28 today)
    Brought to you by the developers of Funbridge, Funbridge Quiz offers hundreds of quiz games on all areas of the game of bridge: the auction, lead, attack and defence cardplay. The ...
     $8.99  $6.99 Save $2!Details ›

  9. 9.
    Jaipur: the board game Chart
    Jaipur: the board game
    Jaipur: the board game

    Number 39 in Card Games (-26 today)
    ** WARNING: iPad 2, iPad Mini 1 & iPhone 4S are not compatible. ** Review - 4/5 - "strategically satisfying" "definitely a card game worth picking up" 148Apps Review - 4/5 - "J...
     $4.99  $2.99 Save $2!Details ›

  10. 10.
    Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers Chart
    Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers
    Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers

    Number 49 in Education (-95 today)
    Drive a dump truck with Rosie the hamster! Pile dirt high and dig deep in the ground with diggers, cranes and bulldozers. Build a home for a new friend! Choose a barn, a castle or ...
     $2.99  $0.99 Save $2!Details ›

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